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Storekeeper (Expired)

Recruiter / Employer: Embassy of The United States
Contract: Contract / Casual
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

About the Role


The incumbent serves as one of three(3) storekeepers and is responsible for overseeing receipt, storage issuance and inventory of expendable and non-expendable supplies and equipment in the storerooms and warehouse. The incumbent will rotate through multiple sections within the warehouse as directed by the Supervisor, for varying periods depending on warehouse needs. Supervision is provided by the Deputy Warehouse Supervisor, which may be delegated to one of three Supply Supervisors, and under the overall general supervision of the Warehouse Supervisor.



  • Two years of supply responsibilities in warehouse operations is required.
  • One year experience on the safe use and operation of Material Handling Equipment is required


Good working knowledge of department of state property management policies and procedures and associated agencies property record keeping is required.

Education Requirements:

  • Completion of Secondary School is required.


  • LANGUAGE: Level III English(Good working knowledge, writing/reading/speaking) is required. (This may be tested) Level II Kiswahili (Limited Knowledge, writing/reading/speaking) is required.  


  • Must have ability to manage stock and organize placement of property safety sequence; must disburse property according to embassy rules and safe keep property from being misplaced, damaged or stolen.
  • Must be capable of performing light lifting of expendable and non-expendable items (approx. 20 kgs). 
  • Numerical skills for manipulating property data is required.  Must have a valid driver’s license.

How to Apply

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