About the Role


The job holder is responsible for collecting and recording financial information and ensure the organization   financial records in order


  • Prepare compound management invoice scheduling based on room allocations and invoicing related agencies accordingly.
  • Keep track of partner’s payments by maintaining accurate receivable reports for each partner and distributing statements before the end of each quarter of the year.
  • Keep track of compound other income, follow up on payments and red flag overdue accounts for necessary action.
  • In conjunction with Finance Officer, review MOU with partners, circulate to partners and ensure that it is signed before the commencement of the annual year.
  • Prepare annual budget estimates in readiness for approval by compound partners before the commencement of the period under consideration.
  • Accurately track compound day to day expenditures, ensuring that they are properly supported.
  • Undertake monthly reconciliation of cash disbursements to HQ for compound transactions against actual expenses from those disbursements.
  • Keep accurate track of supplier’s statements for each month of the year and share these reports to the management committee.
  • Distribute aging report for outstanding income for partners under consideration.
  • Circulate monthly management reports that details budgeted vs actual expenditure for the respective month.
  • Sequential and proper filling of all the compound management documents for all expenses both at the program level and headquarter level.
  • Perform monthly cash flows for the compound that reconciles income and expenditure statements and the bank balance at the end of the month.
  • Disbursement of cash payments ensuring all relevant supporting documents are attached and that all the calculation are accurate.
  • Cash withdrawals from the bank and maintain compound petty cash ensuring that all the payments are adequately supported.
  • Preparing final books of accounts in readiness for audit of the year under consideration. This should be done in the first month after the year of audit.
  • Keep track of all compound property, maintaining asset register and ensuring that they are tagged and verifiable.
  • Ensure that the compound environment remain tidy at all times.
  • Schedule repairs for various assets including building to ensure that they remain in good state at all times.
  • Help in planning for compound management meetings by circulating notices and agenda.
  • Circulate MOUs and approved budgets to partners for signing before the commencement of the year under consideration.


  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration or similar field.
  • Work with minimal or no supervision
  • 5 years relevant experience in the finance and accounting function in a comparable organization


  • Financial reporting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Analysis
  • MS Excel
  • Accounting knowledge.

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