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Consultant - Microbiology (Bacteriology) Laboratory (Expired)

Recruiter / Employer: World Health Organization (WHO)
Contract: Contract / Casual
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired

About the Role

Purpose of consultancy

To develop high quality, proficient global laboratory networks for bacterial vaccine-preventable disease (VPD) surveillance.


  • To perform routine screening of WHO documentation, published scientific literature and laboratory guidelines, and provide reports of needed updates and changes to ensure the WHO-coordinated bacterial VPD laboratory networks are consistent with global guidelines including maintaining standards for accreditation as well as external quality assurance.  
  • Facilitate implementation of the WHO laboratory testing guidelines across the global network laboratories.

Expected by late 2023.

  • Evaluate newly developed rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) for typhoid and other bacterial diseases through:
    • landscape analysis of the diagnostic market.
    • developing target product profiles for each testing platform and each pathogen.
    • develop an expression of interest for manufacturers for kit performance evaluation according to WHO prequalification standards.
    • guide the actual kit evaluation.
    • facilitate the development of the report on the kit performance evaluation, and 
    • submit the final report for publishing.  
  • Prepare recommendations and guidelines for the RDT’s evaluation and use in the clinical laboratories. 
  • Develop Target Product Profiles (TPP) for Typhoid laboratory assays.
  • Develop and submit an Expression of Interest and conduct kit performance evaluation for Typhoid tests.
  • Contribute to developing guidelines and manuals for vaccine-preventable bacterial infections as well as capacity building of lab personnel and facilitating training and procurement of essential diagnostics to network laboratories. 

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages.

Educational Qualifications:


  • Advanced university degree in clinical microbiology or public health laboratory science or a related field. 


  • PhD/Doctorate degree in bacteriology or microbiology laboratory sciences.
  • Training in epidemiology and data analysis.
  • Training in managing data and producing graphics.



  • At least seven years of relevant experience working in laboratory-based surveillance or laboratory networks coordination and data analysis in the public health sector.
  • Demonstrated experience with the implementation of quality assurance and laboratory accreditation.


  • Relevant experience working with countries and laboratories in low resource settings.
  • Experience in molecular data analysis including DNA sequence alignment and phylogeny.
  • Demonstrated experience in health sector programme coordination and implementation. 
  • Experience working in the UN system or other significant partner organization in the field of laboratory practices.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and/or coordinating development of manuals for laboratory procedures including but not limited to standard operating procedures (SOP) for laboratories.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in coordinating and managing laboratory scientific projects.


  • Solid understanding of VPD laboratory and surveillance networks. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of laboratory methods for diagnosis of bacterial VPD pathogens, quality assurance systems and managerial skills. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of laboratory networks and laboratory methodology and quality assurance/quality control.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate VPD laboratory networks.
  • Demonstrated understanding of, and formulating effective responses to, the unique challenges of public health surveillance in the developing world
  • Strong analytical and writing skills to identify critical technical issues and prepare a variety of documents, able to present and explain complex ideas and information in a succinct, logical way that is easy to understand.
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated ability to clearly communicate information orally and in writing, to a diverse professional staff, regarding public health surveillance operations, laboratory procedures, requirements, standards, or special project activities and progress.
  • Ability to work as a member of a team in a multi-cultural environment and a partnership to achieve common goals, and to work and manage the networks independently.
  • Proven ability to work towards deadlines and within budget constraints, in collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders.
  • Familiarity with the UN system, including knowledge of WHO country, regional and global functions.

Closing: 7, Feb, 2023

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