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Human Resources & Administration Manager (Expired)

Recruiter / Employer: LVCT Health
Contract: Permanent
Salary: Confidential
Status: Expired


HR Leadership and management – 15%

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of Human Resource Management Strategy that will effectively contribute towards achievement of the Organizational strategy as well as driving staff engagement & high performance.
  • Assessing and understanding the organization needs within the strategy context and developing solutions to improve organization performance
  • Offer strategic leadership and support to the Executive Director in rolling out any change management initiatives.
  • Leading projects that impact HR and contributing to projects that go beyond HR.
  • Establish and oversee HR policies, systems and procedures that will support effective people management for LVCT Health, resulting in more effective performance management, motivation and delivery of HR services.
  • Ensure sensitization and compliance with all policies and procedures as well as external regulations and applicable labor laws.
  • Ensuring staff are sensitized on policies and procedures especially the zero tolerance policies, upholding LVCT Health values at all times.
  • Provide comprehensive HR advice and support to the ED and Managers as requested (especially in case of grievance, disciplinary situations or performance management Employee Resourcing and Manpower Planning.

Talent Acquisition & Resourcing – 10%

  • Proactive workforce planning to attract talent for both short and long term in close liaison with the line managers.
  • Take lead in ensuring sourcing of quality talent. Establish and oversee recruiting, hiring, reference checks and orientation plans and procedures
  • Carrying out a job analysis and update the job descriptions and person specifications
  • Advise Management concerning best practice in talent management; aiming to support the achievement of strategic goals and drive a culture of high performance, as regards both project delivery and compliance.
  • Work with directors and managers to ensure proper HR planning is in line with project work plans and the LVCT Health strategy
  • Addressing staffing deficits and surplus accordingly - recruiting internally or externally, transfers, reassignments etc.
  • Implement improvements to the talent acquisition process

Talent Management & Succession Planning – 10%

  • Leading and managing the talent development process and tools including trainings, mentorship, coaching etc.
  • Developing insight and analysis of people related business issues and opportunities.
  • Developing an inventory, accessing talent and potentials, and implementing action plans to address identified gaps.
  • Developing succession planning activities necessary to develop and maintain a highly capable workforce that fits the business strategy in collaboration with leaders and managers.

Compensation & Benefits Management – 5%

  • Conduct analysis and market research on salary and benefits trends
  • Ensuring the provision of competitive and equitable base, variable compensation including incentive plans.
  • Developing and implementing benefit plans and ensuring that sound, appropriate decisions are made in relation to people, performance, job levels and pay.
  • Ensuring application of polices in reward/compensation management, i.e., annual merit increases, salary structures, job evaluation procedures and reward objectives.
  • Providing guidance to managers and employees regarding salary administration and use of reward programs.

Performance Management – 10%

  • Developing a high-performance culture by implementing team and organization design solutions, providing measurable performance indicators and improvement plans.
  • Ensure JDs and performance targets are up to date and reviewed annually or when there is a change in roles.
  • Administer performance management processes to align employee performance with LVCT program goals and objectives and assist management in creating and retaining high performance employees and teams.
  • Providing institutional tools for performance management – JD templates, appraisal forms, PIPs etc.
  • Capacity builds the HR & Admin teams and managers on performance management tools and processes.
  • Reviewing Personal Development Plans for training needs and performance gaps. Working closely with supervisors on improvement plans for non-performers and identifying opportunities for growth for high performers.

Risk Mitigation/Audit – 10%

  • Ensure that potential risks associated with the organization's employment of staff are minimized, identified & mitigated, including safeguarding strategies, data protection and compliance with HR policies, donor regulations, labor laws and other legislation.
  • Inform the Executive Director in case a legal risk is detected within her/his area of responsibilities and suggests actions to take in order to prevent it.
  • Ensure strict compliance with labor laws working closely with legal team especially on disciplinary matters.
  • Ensure that all legal/statutory requirements associated with the employment of staff are fulfilled, and that key HR-related initiatives are addressed.
  • Ensure LVCT Health is compliant with the statutory regulations, including NGO Board, and other legislative bodies and statutory requirements.
  • Prepare for and support regular HR and administration audits.
  • Member of safeguarding committee and risk management committees.

Employee Relations and Welfare – 10%

  • Facilitate employee communication, provide employee services and counseling, advise on disciplinary, grievance and conflict resolution procedures, and promote employee safety, welfare, wellness and health.
  • Manage administration of personnel benefits and compliance with tax laws, including employee terms & conditions of service, salaries & benefits, employment contracts, and leave records.
  • Manage and resolve employee relations issues (Industrial Relations) and assist management with conflict resolution to ensure that issues are identified and addressed promptly, appropriately and fairly.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director and the Operations Director on sensitive matters including litigation. Implement preventative measures and assist in reducing litigation by ensuring fair and equitable application of policies and practices.
  • Take lead in disciplinary/grievances matters and any other matters relating to employee relations working effectively with internal and external counsel as necessary.
  • Lead interventions to enhance employee wellbeing, motivation, engagement and retention.
  • Conduct regular field trips to project offices to monitor and review human resource and administrative procedures and assist project staff, where appropriate.

HR Planning, Management, Reporting and Communication - 10%

  • Lead in developing the HR annual plan in line with the organizational strategy and the HR strategy.
  • Implement actions/decision of the Action Plan and ensure proper accountability on HR/Admin unit/team.
  • Line and functional management of HR and admin staff across the organization
  • Ensuring continuous capacity building of the HR and admin team in the organization and among sub-partners
  • Participate in office meetings, where needed coordinate/organize specific HR topics for information/communication to staff and take forward HR action points
  • Act as ‘Account & process Owner’ (technical manager) of the organization HR management system.
  • Provide the donor & management with relevant reports on staff data and indicators
  • Ensure proper follow up for staff in the HRMS; including but not limited to leave/absence management, sick/medical leave.
  • Support in conducting/facilitating exit interviews for staff prior to their departure and giving feedback to the relevant Unit Head.
  • Preparing a quarterly HR newsletter to share new HR initiatives and update staff on relevant policies, procedures and regulations.

Administration- 20%

  • Ensure staff have right equipment, space and tools of work
  • Take lead in oversight of the daily administration of the organization's office and the optimal operation of equipment and facilities, ensuring systems are in place to support this role.
  • Take lead in ensuring optimal operational performance standards of the office environment including office space management, cleanliness, corporate image, organizational set-up, operational tools such as office supplies, kitchen supplies, utilities, office repairs & maintenance etc.
  • Leading the implementation of organization safety and health programs. Monitoring the tracking of Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) required data.
  • Overseas the management of Service contracts that supports the office administration functions.
  • Support the admin staff to ensure smooth and optimal day-to-day office running & support any emerging administrative matters.
  • Establish and oversee Administration policies and procedures, SOP’s ensuring necessary sensitization and enforcement of compliance.
  • Manage and implement the Staff Health policy application for staff including Medical Insurance contracts and statutory obligations as required by Law and Health guidelines/policy (including Group Personal accident, 3rd party Liability, other).
  • Ensure the Data Protection Act is applied in all HR & administrative policies & processes of the Office, in compliance with local requirements.
  • Ensure an efficient filing system (physical and electronic files) of all administrative files, granting strict confidentiality of employees’ personal files and other administrative private documents.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • A relevant master’s degree.
  • Degree in Organizational Development, Human Resources, or a related field, and/or equivalent. combination of education and relevant experience.
  • Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management from IHRM or Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) training.

Experience Required

  • Minimum 8 years of experience in the HR profession with at least 5 years at senior management.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Administration.
  • Holder of a valid practicing certificate from IHRM.

    Method of Application

    Send your application to [email protected]

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